Apps to make mobile smart | Most Popular Apps

If asked which invention changed the world in the twenty-first century, everyone would surely agree that a device called a smartphone changed everyone’s lives from faraway Antarctica to modern America and backward Africa to advancing China. tax has been placed.

Today, when the smartphone has become an important part of our life, its utility is also being molded according to the need. In such a situation, keeping in mind the need of the people, new apps are being created every day and there are lakhs of apps in the market. Google’s Play Store is full of apps that are designed according to your needs. In such a situation, the problem arises in front of the smart phone user, which apps should he make a part of his phone?

1 Top 10 Apps to make mobile phone Apps to make mobile smart

Apps to make mobile smart | Most Popular Apps

10 Apps to make your mobile smart

Which created the app to share your mobile ?

If asked which invention changed the world in the twenty-first century, everyone would surely agree that a device called a smartphone changed everyone’s lives from faraway Antarctica to modern America and backward Africa to advancing China. tax has been placed.

The first and foremost thing is that your phone is part of your work and you should determine your apps according to the needs of your work. For example, if you are a student then you should keep your focus on education and learning apps and if you are a business man then market related apps are of more use to you, but there are some other apps that must be in your phone, 10 of them are types of apps. But here we are going to talk.

Antivirus App

After buying a phone, if the first app you should download is a great antivirus. There are many free antiviruses available in the play market that protect your phone from hackers and viruses. We recommend that the user should buy this app from the pad service instead of downloading it for free. Paid antivirus app updates itself according to your phone needs and keeps on checking your phone from time to time to prevent unnecessary virus hacks. There are many mobile antivirus available on the play market like AVG, Avast and Clean Master, you can download your favorite antivirus according to the need and price.

Backup App

It has often been seen that people keep asking for the contact numbers of their acquaintances on Facebook or other similar social sites after their phone is lost or damaged. Data transfer has always been a big issue for the user even after changing the phone. The backup apps that come for smart phones can help you a lot in dealing with this problem. There are many backup apps available in the play market, which from time to time save your phone’s backup in the cloud drive, contacts, messages, photos and documents are saved in this backup. As such apps you can use Backup and Syncit

Social Media App

Social media related apps are everyone’s favorite and users are doing a great job of downloading them, but wait, you should know some things before making them a part of your phone. Most social media apps ask for permission to access your phone contacts and by downloading them you give them the right to see your contact book, so prefer to download only reputable social media apps. Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest are good quality and reliable social media related apps. The second special thing, if you want that your data is not spent much, then the lite apps of these platforms are also available in the market.

Web Browser

If seen, who made the smart phone smart, yes the internet. These phones have the facility to surf the internet and gather information which was not there in the phones before them and even then it was so difficult that they could never become popular. There are many best browsers available in the market to surf the internet in the smartphone, but you download it according to your need and the features of the phone. Google’s Cram browser supports almost every phone. Along with this, UC Browser, Firefox, Opera Mini and Dolphin Browser are also known for their excellent speed and security.

Battery Saver

Despite all the advantages, there is a major drawback of smart phones, which all of us have come across at some point or the other. The battery of the smart phone always bothers because a lot of work goes on in our phone simultaneously and we do not even know. We open many apps, but instead of exiting them, we go straight to the home screen and keep running the app in the background. In such a situation, instead of improving our habit, we should download the battery saver app available in the Android market, which suggests many ways to save battery and also makes your phone fast by closing the apps running in the background. In the Play Market, many apps like DU Battery Saver, Avast Battery Saver and Battery Saver are available free of cost in the service of your phone.

Office App

Viewing, reading and working on documents on mobile is a difficult task as messages sent in Windows format of computer do not support Android or iOS. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to do office work on the phone, but now office apps have removed this difficulty too. Moreover, now Microsoft Windows has also made its Office version workable with Android and iOS as an app. For this, the user has to go to Play Market or iTunes and download Windows’ Word, Excel and other office apps. Although it is available for free but some features come only with the paid service. Apart from this, apps like WPS Office, Office Suite and Polaris Office are also available in the market.


If you are bored with the look and feel of the operating system of your smart phone, then you do not need to get a new phone. Launcher will add new colors to your phone and make your boredom go away. In addition, a great launcher will also make phone navigation easy and add many such features to your phone which were not there in your phone yet. Go Launcher, Google Launcher, C Launcher and Arrow Launcher available in the market are here at your service, all you have to do is download them and your phone is ready to woo you with new looks.

Music App

If you are asked which feature has made smart phones the most popular of theirs, then most people will give credit to music apps. The smartphone has now done away with the old hassle of downloading songs and improving MP3 file quality. Because of this, you enjoy the original tracks instead of pirated files. If you are a music lover then you can enjoy music by downloading apps like Saavn, Gaana and Wink.

Photo album Apps

Who is not aware of the word ‘selfie’ today? Wherever you go, you will see a group of people taking selfies everywhere. The tradition of taking selfies in smart phones poses a challenge to users to store and improve them, so the market has taken advantage of this and immediately flooded the market with many photo correction apps and photo album apps that will save your photos in the cloud. Allows to store as well as improve them. Google’s Picasa is at the top of this list, so you can also include apps like Pixlr, Photo Editor, Photo Corrector in it.

Data management Apps

Like we told earlier, who makes your phone smart, not only the internet. So if the people using this phone lack something after the battery, then it is mobile data. To reduce this problem, there are many apps available in the market which manages your mobile data and also gives you many data saving tips so that you can save up to a quarter of the data. By downloading this category of apps like Data Eye and Data Manager, you can save a lot of your data for free i.e. Price of Mango Mangoes and Kernels.

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