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What is Digital Marketing (Advantages, Disadvantages, Courses, Career, Business, Fees)

Nowadays people are doing every work through internet from their mobiles and laptops. Like someone has to pay money, pay bills, book a car, hotel or ticket, order food etc. Apart from all these things, nowadays people have also made mobile and laptop the means of earning their money. Yes, in today’s time people earn money through digital marketing. This is also going on in the trend these days, and even people are leaving their jobs and earning in this business not only in lakhs but also in crores. Let us in this article give you information about what is digital marketing and how people are making their career in it.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is called online business in common language. In this, along with the posting of various advertisements, there are also some things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and copywriting. On the one hand, in SEO, work is done to get a content to the top of Google search, while on the other hand, ads are posted on Google in SEM. All these works come under digital marketing. There are different types of job opportunities in this in which people are looking for their future.

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Different Profiles of a Career in Digital Marketing

By doing digital marketing people can ensure their future in the following areas which are as follows –

Digital Marketing Manager :-

This is one of the biggest posts ever. The digital manager is responsible for planning how you will promote a product or service. Actually every company has a digital marketing team. The work of leading this team is given to those people who have at least 5 years of experience in doing this work. They also get a certificate for this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :-

It is not necessary that AIDS should be used to convey product or service information to any internet users. It can happen even without it. For example, when you do some search on Google such as ‘Top Engineering Colleges in India’, then a list of it opens in the Google search result. This happens without any addons. Posts with quality content are brought to the top on Google only by SEO. For this, he has to work on things like keyword research, webmaster tools, user experience optimization.

Social Media Marketing Expert :-

As the name suggests, people who do marketing work through various websites, portals and social media sites are called social media marketing experts. In the field of marketing, promotion of any content is done in 2 ways. One is that that content should be shared to as many people as possible or it should be promoted by posting AIDS. And the advertisement should be posted on the second most popular Ali social media sites. It is not necessary that you have special skills for this. That is why its demand is high.

Copywriter :-

Content is most important for marketing. Whether you promote through a social media or through SEO, unless the content is good, it is difficult to reach the audience. The job of a copywriter in this field is to help the team that works to improve the content.

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Digital Marketing Course

The course of digital marketing is done in various institutes. Such as Delhi School of Internet Marketing, Global Education Service based in Manipal, AIM, NIIT, The Learning Catalyst Mumbai etc. Out of these, you can complete the course in any institute and do jobs in various fields such as digital marketing agency, e-commerce companies, online shopping websites, service provider company, retail and marketing company etc.

Story of Pawan Aggarwal who succeeded in Digital Marketing

We are sharing here with you the success story of Mr. Pawan Agarwal, the owner of this website who is blogging in the digital marketing field. Pawan Aggarwal Ji used to work in IT company TCS, his job was very good. But when he came to know about the digital marketing platform, he got the idea to make his career in it. And then he left the job of TCS and built a website and started blogging business. There were a lot of difficulties in the beginning when his blogs were not getting ranked on Google. They also suffered a lot. But gradually after doing a lot of research and work on it, he started getting success. Now they earn up to Rs 4 lakh per month only through blogging.

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Therefore, like Pawan Aggarwal ji, you too can make your career with digital marketing platform. And you can earn not only in lakhs but in crores.   


Q: What is the meaning of digital marketing?

Ans: Digital marketing is reaching the user through the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines and other means..

Q: Where to learn digital marketing?

Ans: By doing digital marketing course

Q: How many months is the Digital Marketing course?

Ans: 6 months

Q: Is digital marketing a good career?

Ans: Yes, it has a lot of scope.

Q: Is it easy to do digital marketing?

Ans: Yes

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