Business Ideas: Rural youth should start this profitable business at a cost of only 10 thousand rupees, will earn bumper

The economic condition of the people living in the village is not strong, because the jobs in the village are very limited as compared to the cities. In such a situation, whose family’s financial condition is not strong, any member of his family has to go abroad and do jobs in other states. This has to be done because there are better employment options in the states than in the villages. That is why the people of the village are forced to migrate outside the state and go out to find jobs. But if you are thinking about improving your financial condition by staying in your village home, then here we are telling about some business which you can do by staying in the village itself, and you will also get good profit from it. will go.

Some businesses to be started for the youth of the village?

Like, the economic condition of almost all the people in the village is not strong. This is the reason, the people living in the village have to move to the city to find business for themselves and live away from their families. Those who have less capital and who are not able to leave their family and do business outside and are unable to fulfill the dream of starting their own business. For such people, the Government of India itself helps to start some businessmen under Mudra loan, taking advantage of which people doing business in the village can start their business very easily. Let us know, about such a low capital business, which you can start very easily by staying in your village and can also fulfill the dream of your own business.
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Grocery Store :-

Almost everyone has to buy everyday items in the house by going to the market every day, in such a situation, if you have to go to the city again and again to buy everyday items, then there will be a big problem and on the other hand, if you buy groceries in your village itself. If the shop is opened, then the people living in the village will also get convenience and your business will also be established. Grocery store business is one such business which is in demand both in the city and in the village. You should open a shop in your village at such a place where it is easy for all the people to come and go. In such a situation, you can also take a room as rent or if you have your own space then it will be even better. You get good profits in this type of business because it is a demanding business.

Business of Panipuri :-

If you see a shop of Pani Puri as soon as you go to the market, then no person can live without eating it. And to eat it, curiosity starts awakening in the mind. Panipuri business is such a business, which you can start anywhere in the areas like village, city, town etc. Most women like to eat Panipuri, and in such a situation, if you start a business of pani puri in the village area, then it is very low cost and there is a demand for this business in the village area, and it should be started. After leaving, your chances of making good profits also start increasing. You can also start this business and earn good profits in the village area.

Hair cutting and beauty parlor shop :-

In today’s time, be it men or women, all people like to look attractive. In such a situation, men go to the barber shop every week to get their hair done and saved. At the same time, women also like to go to the beauty parlor to look beautiful. You can earn good profits by opening a beauty parlor or a hair cutting shop. This is a business that runs well in both the village and the city area. You can start this type of business in very minimum cost and also earn good profit in village area.
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Sugarcane juice selling business:

People often like to drink cold things in the summer season, while people also like to drink sugarcane juice in summer, because it is also an energy drink. By drinking it in summer, we also feel refreshed from inside the body. In the summer season, you can start the business of selling sugarcane juice and it is also a very profitable business. In this business you have to invest less cost and your business also achieves good success.

Coconut water business:

People like to drink sugarcane juice in summer, in the same way people often use coconut water in summer. Coconut water also provides coolness to our body and also gives us the necessary energy. In such a business, you have to invest only once and after that if the business is successful, then you also start getting good profits.

Cycle or Motorcycle Repairing Center :-

You must have seen in the village that almost everyone has a bicycle or a motorcycle. Due to excessive use of such vehicles, some technical glitches also come in it. In such a situation, if cycle or motorcycle repairing center is not present in the village, then people will have to go to the city with great difficulty to get their vehicles repaired, which is a difficult task. If you are doing cycle or motorcycle repairing in the village itself


Question: Which business is best for rural area?

Ans: You can start many types of profitable business by living in rural areas, such as: – Grocery store, repairing shop of cycle or motorcycle, etc.

Question: What kind of business can be started in rural area with good profit?

Ans: In this article, we have told about how to start a business by staying in the village area, out of which you can start any business in your village area very easily. If you are of creative mind, then you can earn profits in rural area by thinking a little differently and starting a new business.

Question: How to earn money in rural area?

Ans: You should start such business in rural area, whose demand is highest in that area. For example, if there is a demand for a grocery store in your village, then you have opened a grocery store, it will give you good profits. In this way, you do a little analysis first, then start a business.

Question: Is a license required to start a business even by living in a village?

Ans: Before starting any business, its license has to be obtained by the government. If you want to do any type of business living in the village, then it will be mandatory for you to get the license related to your business.

Question: How much profit will you get in starting a business in the village?

Ans: If you start any business in the village, then first you have to see the demand of your business and you have to decide your profit accordingly. The demand of your business determines your rate of profit.

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