How to Convert JPG to Word | how to convert jpg file to word document online

How to Convert JPG to Word (DOC/DOCX)

As you know, sometimes there is a need to edit the words written in an image document or in a scan document. If the words in that file are less, then the problem can be solved by typing it again, but if the file is big and it is full of words, then typing it becomes a big problem. Then that work also takes more time. In such a situation, if there is a way to convert that file into a Word file, then you cannot even imagine how happy you will be. Now we tell you that it is possible to convert image file or scan file to word file and that too in an easy way.

How to Convert JPG File to Word File

With the information that we have brought to you in this blog, you can convert any of your image i.e. JPEG file into Word ie .doc/.docx file, and adjust the words accordingly. can. For this, you will have to use the tools made for this work. There are many such tools available online for free or you can buy it. Tools available online are a better option to solve your problem because using such tools you can convert tons of files into Word files. Yes, many websites providing this facility have also fixed the limit of files in one day, but it is so much that you will definitely be satisfied.

Now we will give you information about those websites which provide tools to convert JPEG file to Word file and we are also giving you information about how to convert the file.

using onlineocr convert jpg to word

The tools available on this website not only allow you to convert JPEG but also PDF, BMP, GIF and TIFF files. The specialty of the tools available here is that all the formats such as columns, tables, graphics etc. will be available in the converted file in Word, as were in JPEG or other original files. The converter tools available on the website are free for all, but the facilities are given to the guest and member users separately. If you use the tools as a guest, then you can convert only 15 images in an hour. On the other hand no limit of files has been kept for the member. Apart from this, if you want to convert PDF file with multiple pages, then this facility is not available for guest users but this facility has been given to member users. While converting your files on this tool, keep in mind that the size of a single file should not exceed 5 MB.

There are three steps to convert the file on this converter tool. In the first step you will be asked to load the file. Then in the second step, language and output have to be selected. There are many other languages ​​available here except Hindi. Keep in mind here that the language in which the image file is located is to be selected here. One has to choose between .docx, .xlsx and .txt in the output format. Then in the third step, click on the Convert option. After this there will be a Captcha display. After putting it in the designated place, press the OK button. In a few moments, the image file will be in front of you in the word file. Copy it and edit it according to your wish by taking it to the word file or adjust it.

using Zamzar convert jpg to word

Tools to convert from image file to word file are also available on this website. With its converter tools, you can not only convert JPEG files to .doc or .docx but also convert many other formats like pdf, bmp, gif, png, tiff etc. in a jiffy. Here also you have to load the image file which you want to convert, in the specified place and then select the format in which you want to convert it from the drop down menu. After this you have to give your email address to the website. Then the button of convert has to be clicked. After this, your converted file will be in your email inbox in no time.

by Ocrconvert convert jpg to word

This website, which provides the facility to convert from JPEG to Word file, also fulfills your wish in a few moments. Here also you have to load your source JPEG file and then select the language and click on Convert button. Yes, a feature of the tools of this website is that you get its output in .txt file. So you copy its text and move it to your .doc or .docx file and enjoy editing there.

Free Online by Ocr convert jpg to word

Tools to convert image file to word file are also available on this website. Here also you have to load the file to be converted first and then select the output format and click on Convert button. Its output format is available in .doc, .pdf, .rtf and .txt options. This converter tool is also free online. For this neither you are asked for any email id nor are you asked to install any software in your computer. One of the features of this tool is that it can read and convert even low resolution files. Along with this, it also claims to keep your data secure and confidential.

by Newocr convert jpg to word

This is also a simple and great tool to convert from JPEG to Word. Here only you have to load your file and select the language. One of the biggest features of this tool is that it supports your Hindi language as well. That is, you can also convert the image file written in Hindi to word here. This tool supports 106 languages ​​from around the world. Also here you can convert unlimited files. All its features are also available on its home page. This website claims that it deletes all the data from its server as soon as it converts the file. Along with this, it claims to read and convert even the worst scans and low resolution files.

In this blog, we have given you information about some of those major converter tools. Apart from this, there are many other tools which provide facility to convert data from JPEG to Word file. You must try it and take full advantage of editing by converting other scanned files including JPEG files to word.

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